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Health Food Manufacturer

Company History

MicroFood S.A., owner of the Puffins brand, is a family company with 100% Polish capital.
Our company is a well-known producer of healthy food in Poland. Since 2011, we have been in the business of drying food, mainly fruits and vegetables. Many years ago, we set our sights on producing healthy food - sourced from organic cultivation and processed in accordance with its natural purpose.

We are a producer of dried fruits and a manufacturer of dried vegetables known under the brand name Puffins. For our products, we choose only selected fruits and vegetables from certified and controlled organic cultivation. All of the dried fruits and vegetables available in our web store are European certified organic. This means that the fruits and vegetables come from certified and controlled cultivation from within and outside the European Union. In the drying process, we do not add sugar, salt, preservatives, enhancers or other artificial additives to our healthy foods. In Puffins dried fruit packages, you will find 100% natural fruit - without any additives.

Our production facility is located in Ostrzeszów, a small town in southern Wielkopolska. We like our localness and emphasize it on many levels. We support local initiatives and often take part in them ourselves - both as a sponsor and participant.

Company Mission

Our mission is to promote healthy eating and provide healthy food to as wide an audience as possible. As a healthy food manufacturer, we are committed to ensuring that everyone has easy access to healthy and organic snacks. That's why we offer friendly shopping at our web store and at many other points of sale, including health food stores in Poland and Germany.

We know that proper nutrition affects our condition - both physical and mental. That's why we highly recommend our healthy snacks to children, as proper eating habits need to be formed from an early age. We also point out that it's never too late to change and revolutionize your own dietary habits.

Our Strengths

We are a small company with great capabilities. In addition to the ongoing development of the Puffins brand, we sell our fruits and vegetables as semi-finished products to many companies in Poland and around the world. As a health food producer, we closely follow dietary trends, looking for novelties and delightful flavors. Our inspiration comes from our customers and their nutritional needs. We are flexible and easily adapt our offerings to the changing needs of consumers.

Online Store

Since May 2020, our online store has been in operation, where you can buy Puffins brand organic products, i.e. our delicious and crunchy fruits and vegetables. As a health food manufacturer, we also offer dried fruits covered in dark chocolate 70% cacao, also organic.
We have combined our products into convenient flavor sets, which we offer at favorable prices.

In the web store you will also find ready-to-give gift sets, packaged in an ecological style. The sets include dried fruits, chocolate-covered fruits and a limited series of Puffins coffees - ground or bean. Our gift sets are the perfect gift for near and dear ones, family and friends. They will work well for Grandmother's Day and Grandfather's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day, Teacher's Day and Women's Day. We also offer special holiday sets for Christmas and Valentine's Day.

The products available in the web store are very important, but equally important is the ability to shop conveniently. Our web store guarantees to maintain the highest security standards. Our entire website is built to provide consumers with an intuitive shopping experience. With us you will easily and conveniently go through the entire shopping process, always being able to count on the support of our team.

Friendly shopping only at www.puffins.co!



Office of the company:
“Microfood” S.A.
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63-500 Ostrzeszów
NIP 5140343004
Product facility:
ul. Kąpielowa 4
63-500 Ostrzeszów

+48 667 181 718
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