Puffins are fruit and vegetables to crunch.

Why are Puffins so crunchy?

Innovative “puffing” technology, thanks to the use of vacuum, allows to evaporate the water contained in fruit and vegetables in a very short time and at a lower temperature than during traditional drying, which significantly affects the preservation of the value and taste of fruit and vegetables.

Eco, vegan, gluten-free, organic

No added sugar, preservatives, oils or dyes. 100% of nature. In B2B offer, we have Puffins in 10 flavors and horticultural grits and powders prepared on their basis.


Our products

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MicroFood S.A. is a small family business from Ostrzeszów. Our mission is to provide the highest quality fruit and vegetables dried by the method of “puffing”. We work with passion, supporting each other.

We are open to the needs of our customers and ready to create new solutions, tailored to their needs. We offer consultancy, the possibility to create dedicated samples and even machine construction.

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