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We offer dried fruits and dried vegetables in an attractive, uniquely crispy form. We dry our products using a specialised in an industrial drying room. We use a multi-drum drying machine for drying. Our whole drying process takes just a few minutes, and all because there is a vacuum in the dryer, which allows the product to dry at a low temperature and in a very short time. The whole process takes just a few minutes! For this reason, cooperation with us saves time and money, because a short drying process results in less wasted energy.

Currently, eleven dried fruits and vegetables (mango, pineapple, ground cherry, banana, blackcurrant, cherry, grape, apple, beet, tomato and white mulberry) are on offer in our webshop. We also have dried fruits in bitter chocolate, as well as fruit grits and powders and beautiful gift sets. All this can also be in your store – ask for an offer of cooperation!

What cooperation with us looks like

What cooperation with us looks like
Our offer of cooperation is addressed to people like us – who value healthy diet and food production based on natural production methods. We dream that the idea of healthy food and optimal diet will grow and become more and more common!

Would you like to sell Puffins in your shop? Welcome!
Are you looking for a partner to produce healthy, fruity snacks? We would be delighted to help!
Do you need a fruit semi-finished product? We are here for you!
Would you like to create your own brand with us? Then you are most welcome!

We promise that we will consider every offer of cooperation!

When cooperating with us you have a choice of several variants of packaging dried fruits and dried vegetables:

  • one-component stand-up pouches with grip seal with Puffins label – weight 40 g
  • one-component stand-up pouches with grip seal with any label – weight to be agreed individually
  • tightly sealed bags made of metallised film – weight to be agreed individually


We also sell our vacuum-dried fruits and vegetables under our own brand and pack them in packaging supplied or ordered by our partner.


We have 11 organic fruits and vegetables in our standard offer, but we are able to dry all fruits and vegetables, both organic and conventional. We offer to make customised samples before establishing a cooperation and choosing a specific product.


All fruits and vegetables available under the Puffins logo have a European organic Vegan certificate and comply with ISO 9001 : 2015-10. We are also one of the few food companies in Poland to boast the IFS or International Food Safety Standard, which we successfully renew every year. If entering into a cooperation with us, you are guaranteed to receive products of the highest quality!


The short vacuum drying cycle creates dried fruit and dried vegetables in an extraordinary form – uniquely crispy, retaining their natural shape, aroma and flavour. We offer dried fruits and dried vegetables as whole (e.g. cherries, dark grapes, ground cherry) or as cut into large pieces of fruits (e.g. banana, apple, mango). However, when cooperating with us, the contractor chooses the method of dividing and the size of raw materials.

When establishing a cooperation with us, you have a choice of dried fruits and vegetables in three fractions:

  • bulk or whole fruits or large pieces of fruits. The products in this form are an ideal snack for children and adults. Excellent for crunching at home, at school, at work, on a trip, on a walk. Great after training and for a very late dinner!
  • Grits and crumbles, i.e. small pieces of fruits and vegetables. The crumbles are obtained by crumbling whole fruits or large pieces of fruits into fine pieces. This form of dried fruit and dried vegetables will work well in ready-made breakfast products: muesli, oatmeal, porridge, as well as in yoghurts, teas, confectionery products and even in food for animals
  • powder – i.e. ground pieces of fruit into fine dust. This form is used in confectionery products, in yogurts, in food for animals, in breakfast products, as a semi-finished product to make mousses and cocktails, and even for the production of food for animals. The ground fruit pieces are an excellent concentrate of flavour and aroma. The fruit powder does not dissolve liquids. When mixed with liquids, it forms a thick solution.
MicroFood S.A. – a family company

We are a family-owned company with deep roots in food production. Under the Puffins brand label we offer crunchy dried fruits and vegetables, but we are open to any offer of cooperation and approach every question and idea individually and with great enthusiasm. We are not a corporation, so we maintain a high degree of flexibility and a smooth flow of information – ask for cooperation and you will see for yourself!

Any questions? Write or call us!



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