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An exotic traveller that does not lose its vigour and green leaves even in a long journey through the seas and oceans. Though thick-skinned on the outside and somewhat rough in appearance, it improves on closer acquaintance and reveals its sunny soul.

Puffins Crunchy Pineapple tastes delicious and is worth sharing. Even though it is a quick snack (so much better than chips and chocolate!), it will guarantee much more than delicious sensation. It is not without reason that pineapple is believed to be an aphrodisiac, so you have to be careful who you share it with. After all, it is quite a rascal.


Grammage: Doypack 40g, bundle pack – from 5 to 10 kgs

Three factions: bulk, grits and powder

available as private label products

  • Energy 1612 kJ / 380 kcal // 19% Daily value
  • Total Fat 0,5 g // 1% Daily value ∙ of which saturates 0,1 g // 1% Daily value
  • Carbohydrates 87 g // 33% Daily value ∙ of which sugars 85 g // 94% Daily value
  • Fiber 7,9 g
  • Protein 3,0 g // 6% Daily value
  • Salt 0,1 g // 0% Daily value
  • 100 % pineapple


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