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Dried physalis is a unique, healthy snack for those who care about a quality and varied diet. It is distinguished by exceptional crunchiness and a characteristic sweet and sour taste.

What makes our dried physalis different?

We dry it in a vacuum, at reduced pressure and lower temperature, which makes it particularly crunchy. It also maintains the shape, smell and flavour of the fresh fruit. 

Dried physalis comes from certified organic cultivation. It does not contain sugar, preservatives and artificial colours. 

We dry the physalis completely. When you buy a dried physalis from us, you get the whole fruit in the form of shapely, golden balls. It is perfect as an independent, healthy snack or as an ingredient, e.g. for breakfast products.

Weight: 40 g, 0.5 kg, 1 kg. It is possible to pack it into larger customised packages.

Packaging: one-component stand-up pouch with grip seal, sealed bags made of metallised film

Possibility of creating an own brand.

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