Want to get a positive balance?
Eat fruits and vegetables!

Some say that in order to be fit, one must deny many things, try to look younger, never turn a blind eye to extra centimetres, cut down on calories, share meals, and never quit at the gym. We say: indulge yourself!

One way to maintain a harmonious life balance is the right amount of vegetables and fruits in the diet and a healthy approach to eating. Our crispy snacks perfectly match an active day.

They contain no empty calories, they are not artificially sweetened or preserved. Add them to your diet: boost your oatmeal with them, toss in a backpack or purse, sprinkle into the salad, make room for all our flavours in the kitchen drawer!

Why is it so important? Because we all like to nibble between meals, crunch at work, have a bite to eat at the cinema or snack on when we take a walk. With Puffins, you can live a life of indulgence and forget about sacrifice.


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Fruits, along with vegetables, form the basis in new food pyramid. Puffins fruits and vegetables are light, healthy, full of flavour and nutritional value, crispy and naturally sweet.

They will work as a snack after a hard workout or a dessert at work, at the cinema or on a trip.

Add Puffins to your food – it’s not that big a deal. To what dish? Find out for yourself. Let it be your crispy fruit to crack!